Last week we shared the first of our top 10 most viewed blog posts of the year. Now let’s finish up with our top 5 — the blog posts that garnered the most attention by readers this year.

These tips range from topics related to COVID-19 and getting your office back on its feet, to posts about getting the most of new features introduced in Easy Dental upgrades. Take a look:

#5 – Emailing All of Your Patients At Once

#4 – Assigning Primary Insurance to Patients in Easy Dental 12.2

#3 – Finding Procedures That Haven’t Been Billed to Insurance

#2 – Creating Time Between Appointments for Safety Precautions

#1 – New Easy Dental Features to Improve your Efficiency

We hope you continue with us in the new year as we continue to share tips and tricks about your Easy Dental software, as well as industry-influenced articles.