In the newest version of Easy Dental, we’ve listened to feedback offered by customers just like you, and introduced small changes that will improve your workflow in big ways!

The Insurance Tab

Some of the biggest changes are found in the Insurance tab of the Patient record. While you are working there, you’ll now find several new additions.

After you click the select button to choose an insurance plan, you’ll see an Add button. That puts the ability to enter a new plan within easy reach. (If you prefer, you can still use the Add Entity button at the right of the Patient Banner.)

When a patient already has an insurance plan assigned, click the plan to show four buttons:  Edit Insurance Plan Information, Coverage Table, Payment Table, or Provider ID Setup. These buttons make it easier to remember that when you make changes to an insurance plan, those changes will also affect other patients who have been assigned the same plan. (If you prefer, you can still click Settings > Maintenance > Insurance Maintenance to edit these details in that window.)

At times you may need to enter the patient’s subscriber ID number on an insurance carrier’s website. To make it easy, hover your mouse pointer over the subscriber ID and click the Copy to Clipboard icon. Then go to the carrier’s website and press Ctrl+V to paste the number in their site.

On the Insurance tab, you will see information about the other dependent family members that are assigned to this insurance plan, including their name, birthday, age, the family relationship, and their benefits used so far this year.

At the right side of the Insurance tab, you’ll see a claim history for this patient. Click the claims to see the procedures that they are billed for. With this information so easy to see, you can know what claims are still outstanding to insurance for the selected patient.

Speaking of family members, when you add a new patient or family member to Easy Dental, you will now have the ability to select the patient’s insurance plan as part of that process. Click in the search box and you’ll see the other family members who are subscribers to a plan. If this patient is the subscriber to their own plan, begin typing in the search box and you can pick their plan. Or if the plan is not entered into Easy Dental yet, click Add. Also, when you are adding new patients or new insurance plans, if Easy Dental detects that the patient name or the insurance group information might already exist, you’ll see a “Possible Duplication!” warning message to help you avoid creating duplicate records. After all, it is easier to avoid creating messy copies of records than it is to clean them up later!

Working with Employers and Referral Sources

As you are assigning Employers or Referred To and Referred By sources, you might notice outdated information. You can make quick corrections by giving the item a click. It will open a new window where you can edit the information. Remember that corrections to these will affect any other patients that have the same employer or referral source assigned. (If you prefer the old way, you can still click Settings > Maintenance > Employer Maintenance to edit employer information.)

We’ve also added a new Advanced Search option for working with Referred To sources. When you click the select button, the simple search may not always give you the information that you need to make an informed choice. At the right of the search bar, click Advanced Search. A new window opens, displaying more details about each referred to source. This window is searchable – click the funnel icon to search for specific information. It is also sortable – click any column header to sort the information. You can also highlight a referral source and click Edit to modify the information, or click Add to create a new Referred By option.

Larger Patient Pictures

Since the Patient Banner debuted, it has been wonderful to see the selected patient’s picture at the top of Easy Dental, no matter where in the program you are working! Yet we admit, it is a little bit small. Click the picture to see a larger version. While in this larger patient picture window, you can update or delete the photograph.

New Patient Appointments

While working with New Patient Appointments on the schedule, right-click the appointment and select Create New Patient… to easily create the patient’s file. Once again, you’ll have the ability to enter their insurance information from this window too!


We hope that you’ll agree that these small changes can make a big difference in your day-to-day workflow. Do you have a good idea that will make Easy Dental even better? The very best ideas come from the people who use the software every day! Click the Submit New Ideas button at the upper right corner and let us know!

For more information on these and other Easy Dental 12.2.5 features, watch our New Features Video.