Getting paid on time requires understanding insurance processes, having the right approach to collecting and using Easy Dental, the simplest dental practice management software in the market. Profitable practices know how to use these three keys to unlock the secrets of being paid on time.

To help you run the most profitable practice, we’re giving an exclusive sneak peak of our free eBook Get Paid on Time: Six Secrets for Working with Insurance Companies and Patients. Author Cindy Day Hauk draws from 30 years of experience to teach the tips that profitable dentists can’t live without.

Secret 1: Build Once, Use Many

A patient comes into the office for a root canal and doesn’t know what insurance covers. The office manager has to scramble to find the numbers the patient needs, preferably before he or she is already in the operatory.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to go through this every time? The fee scheduling tool in Easy Dental can simplify the process. Is there a major employer in the area, or are certain insurance plans common in your practice? If so, you can set up a fee schedule for common dental procedures. Include your usual fee and typical insurance coverage. Group patients by insurance plan to make fee updates and then apply them to the whole group. Using fee schedules can be a huge time and money saver because you only have to do the work once.

Secret 2: Time It Right

When you provide a service, you expect to be paid for it, fair and simple. Unfortunately, many practices struggle with patients running up a tab. The bottom line is that patients need to be retrained to pay more quickly. Cindy Hauk’s proven method, spelled out in detail in the eBook, is to send reports at specific, short intervals. It may take time, but when you are consistent, customers will learn to work within your dental software system.

The Collections Manager tool in Easy Dental will streamline the collections process. You can generate reports that show overdue accounts based on many criteria. These detailed reports empower you to be quickly reimbursed for the valuable services you provide.

Secret 3: Maximize Cash Flow

Keep your office busy and ensure that the money keeps flowing in by filling gaps in your schedule. Use the practice management tool in Easy Dental to create three go-to lists:

  1. The ASAP List – Maintain a list of patients who want an appointment as soon as possible.
  2. The Unscheduled List – Track and reschedule no-shows and cancellations.
  3. The Procedure List – Use the Treatment Manager in Easy Dental to search for active patients who still need procedures.

These suggestions are just a few of the indispensable tips you’ll learn in the our eBook titled Get Paid on Time: Six Secrets for Working with Insurance Companies and Patients. Download it now to unlock the rest of the secrets and learn how Easy Dental gives you the tools you need to get paid on time.