Despite your best efforts, it isn’t always easy to collect payment for the work you perform. The trick is to be able to increase your collection rate and reduce the number of accounts that devolve into bad debt.

With Easy Dental, you can follow up on past-due accounts with the Collections Manager. Using this feature, you can generate a list of overdue accounts for you to contact, based on the criteria you specify, by creating a Collections Manager view. You can create views based on account balances, insurance claim aging, last payments date, patient range, etc.

Here’s how you can set up a view, and then view the corresponding list of patients that match the criteria:

  1. From the Reports toolbar, click the Collections Manager button.
  2. The View Setup window will appear, from which you can set your criteria for which accounts display in the list.
  3. Set the filters for the guarantor range, providers, and billing types to include on the list. Set other filters as needed, and click OK.
  4. A list of patients that meet your view criteria will appear. Select a name on the list.
  5. Click the Quick Letters, Send Message, or Auto Dial buttons from the toolbar to contact the patient by letter, email, or phone, respectively.

Once a view is set up and the list is generated, you can sort the list of over-due accounts according to the columns you chose to display, and filter the accounts by the criteria you determine is most important.

Using the Collections Manager doesn’t guarantee that you will collect on every outstanding account. However, by using the Collections Manager you can better stay on top of your accounts and keep your revenue streams flowing.

For more information about the Collection Manager, view the Collections Manager topic in the Easy Dental Help.