Families come in all shapes and sizes. And sometimes, not all family members live at the same address.  One parent may be the insurance subscriber for his children that live with their mother. Or, college children often don’t live with their guarantors, but still are part of their family’s billing. The possibilities are many, but how do you address the problem of family members that live at different addresses?

Fortunately, Easy Dental allows you to enter different addresses for each member of the family!

When you change the address of a family member and click OK, you’ll be prompted with this question:

You can choose Change Address for All which will update everyone in the family to that address; or you can choose Add As New Address which will add a new address in Easy Dental for the selected member of the family.

If you add a new address, it can easily be assigned to other members of the family.

To assign the new address to a family member, click the Search button in the Address block. This will bring up a list of addresses created for the family. Select the one that applies to the selected patient, and click OK.

Select Address