It happens every year — you need to update your fee schedules. But it’s tricky work and you have to time it just right.

When can you set aside time to sit in front of your computer, enter the fees, AND not be interrupted? After all, the pressure is on, and when you click Save, those fees go live — so you’ve got to be ready and have all your ducks in a row,  and enter the information at just the right time, right? Not necessarily.

Today, we’ll show you how to take the pressure off. Did you know that you can edit the fees in a spreadsheet — like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets — and better yet, you can do it at your leisure and from pretty much anywhere. When the timing is right to ‘go live’ with those new fees, upload them from that spreadsheet into Easy Dental in just a few mouse clicks!

To get started, let’s first export your current fee schedules and create a spreadsheet.

In Easy Dental, click the Settings gear button. Select Maintenance, then Fee Schedules. You can select as many fee schedules as you’d like (hold the CTRL key while you click additional schedules), and click Export.

Follow the prompts and save your export as a spreadsheet file.

Next, open the file in your favorite spreadsheet editor. The nice thing about this particular file is that it contains no personally identifiable health information, so you don’t have to worry about loading this file on your personal laptop or an online spreadsheet; however, we don’t recommend doing this with most other information you get from Easy Dental.

While you binge-watch your favorite holiday specials at home on your couch, or while you commute to work on the bus or train, you can update the fees with less stress. There’s no pressure in pressing Save because the fees won’t go live in Easy Dental yet.

Once your spreadsheet is updated and ready, sometime around the end of the year, open the Fee Schedule Maintenance window again, select a fee schedule, click View/Edit, and then click Import.

Select your edited spreadsheet file, and Easy Dental will attempt to determine which columns contain the codes and which contain the fees. Be prepared to help it identify those columns, especially if the spreadsheet contains more than one fee schedule.

The fees will upload into the editor. Easy Dental will show you the results using different colors (red if the fee decreased, green if it increased). Give the results a once-over, and when you are comfortable, click Save.

Your fees will be updated and ready for use!

Additional Information

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