It’s never too early to start thinking about scheduling patients for their unscheduled treatment-planned work before the end of the year.  One tool you can use to find these patients is the Unscheduled Treatment Plans list.

This list will display patients and their treatment-planned procedures that have not been scheduled. And because this list also includes insurance information such as renewal month and benefits remaining, you can use this information to help you encourage patients to schedule their appointments before those benefits run out.

To generate the Unscheduled Treatment Plans List, in Reports, click Schedule Reports, then select Unscheduled Treatment Plans.

Use the following settings to make it easy to use the report:

  • Make the size of the report more manageable by focusing on patients assigned to a specific provider.
  • Select Detailed Report to include insurance benefit information on the report.

For additional information, see Using the Unscheduled List to Fill Holes in your Schedule and Finding Patients with Urgent Treatment Needs.