In-office and patient communications can be challenging and stressful. They can also significantly reduce your dental practice’s productivity and quality when not done right.

Think about all of the lines of communication such as reminding patients of appointments, letting the dentist know who’s in which operatory, what dental treatment plans go with which patient, which insurance company to bill and so on. Each of which requires precise and efficient communications to keep your practice running smoothly. To maximize your practice’s productivity and efficiency, you must have effective ways of conveying information from one part of your practice to another, from one staff member to another and from your staff to your patients.

Easy Dental simplifies these lines of communication. It gives your staff a more complete view of patients’ histories, with instant access to information about past exams, conditions, treatment plans, clinical notes and more—all displayed and organized in a way that makes sense.

In addition, you can create optimal communication channels with patients by using the easiest dental practice management software, Easy Dental, to automate time-consuming tasks. Easy Dental Communication Manager streamlines patient communication by automating time-consuming manual tasks such as sending emails, text messages and postcards. When everyday tasks and processes are simplified through automation, you not only are able to focus more energy on your patients, but you free uptime to see more patients in a day. Freeing up time to focus on your patients and seeing more in a day are only two of the major benefits your office receives when you streamline in-office and patient communication with Easy Dental.

Save Your Practice Time and Money

The old standard for dental practice is to spend a lot of time playing phone tag with patients to remind them of appointments and processing payments. In addition your staff would spend hours on the phone with insurance companies verifying insurance eligibility and tracking claims.

When your front office automates these communications and other time-consuming tasks it allows them to spend more time with patients and perform other office responsibilities.

With eCentral, their production vastly improves because they can automate all of these tasks from one central location. The number of daily phone calls to insurance companies are significantly reduced. Communication Manager in Easy Dental will automatically send your patients emails, postcards, or text messages reminding them of upcoming appointments so your practice can fill chairs while saving money and time by reducing appointment confirmation calls and eliminating the reminder-card mailing process.

Empower Your Staff with up to Date Information

With Easy Dental, even when employees aren’t in the office, they have access to in-office communications and patient information any time. With access to the Internet through a computer, smartphone or tablet, your staff can check messages, see a patient’s status, look at scheduling to stay informed with what’s going on in the office and communicate when they need to.

Turning your office and patient communications from burdensome but necessary tasks into efficient means of improving productivity is as easy as learning how to use the streamlined communication features of Easy Dental. In doing so your practice will have better patient care coordination, overall office efficiency and a more engaged patient base.

If you want to learn more about automating office tasks and streamlining communications, check out Simple Solutions from Easy Dental.