The Patient Banner offers a convenient way to view the patient’s preferred contact method. It can display the phone number or email address in an easy-to-see location. But if your computer monitor is visible to people casually walking by, you may not want to show off that information so readily.

Easy Dental 12.5 Update 2 now gives you the choice to show or blur that important piece of information. In the Patients module, click Settings, and then choose whether the Contact Me area of the banner will be Blurred or Visible.

With the Blurred option selected, you’ll need to hover your mouse over that part of the Patient Banner to temporarily show the detail. Move the mouse pointer away and it returns to its obscured state.

Choosing the Visible setting will always show the contact information.

Now the choice is yours to show or blur that contact information.

Additional Information

See our previous tip titled, Which Patient Contact Option Should You Use? for details on how to set up a preferred method of contact for patients.