Do you ever find yourself playing a guessing game, wondering what the best way to contact a patient is? Should you call the mobile phone? Will this patient be upset—or even get into trouble—if you contact them at work? Maybe an email message is the best method?

Easy Dental has a solution for you! In Easy Dental 12.5 Update 2 and newer, in the Patient’s module, edit the patient’s Contact Information. Next to each of the contacts, you’ll see a star icon. Click the star and select to make the item as the Preferred contact. If the contact information should not be used, mark the contact as Do not contact.

The contact method will appear on the Patient Banner, and in the Appointment Book Hover window you’ll see a (P) symbol next to the preferred contact. After assigning a phone number as a preferred contact, Easy Dental will use that number where a phone number is displayed on reports, Route Slips, Recall List, Collections Manager, Treatment Manager, and the Lab Case Manager.

Additional Information

  • You can mark only one contact method at a time per patient as Preferred.
  • You aren’t limited to just phone numbers. You can also a patient’s email address as their preferred method of contact.
  • If you choose an email address as the preferred contact method, reports that normally show a phone number will show the mobile number when available, or the home phone number otherwise.
  • If the patient does not accept any phone calls on any of their numbers, change the Phone Calls slider from Accepted to Do Not Contact to instantly change all phone options to Do Not Contact.