Are you curious what the charges for a day would have been if everything had been charged out at your full office fee schedule? For example, when your office is contracted with an insurance plan, you probably post the Account’s lower insurance fee. But what is the difference between what you actually charged and what you would have billed if that insurance fee had not existed?

You can spot the difference between the charged fee and the full fee in your Day Sheet Report’s grand totals.

To generate the report, follow these steps:

  1. In the Reports toolbar, click Management Reports > Day Sheet (Charges and Receipts).
  2. Then select Compare to Fee Schedule, with the UCR schedule selected.
  3. Click OK to generate the report and send it to the Batch Processor.
  4. Print or view the report and note the following items discussed below.

By selecting Compare to Fee Schedule in the report setup, Easy Dental adds two additional lines to the Day Sheet Report (see below):

  • Compared To (the selected fee schedule, in this case, UCR) – If all procedures listed were billed out at the selected fee schedule price, this is what the total production would be.
  • Net Difference – The difference between the Compared To and Charges line items.

Bonus Tip

  • The numbers may be more helpful if you run the report for certain billing types only, rather than for the entire practice. For example, select billing types that represent accounts with PPO plans only.
  • For additional information about generating the Day Sheet Report, see Creating Day Sheet Reports in Easy Dental Help.