Chances are, you send multiple reports, billing statements, insurance claims, etc. to the Batch Processor during your workday. But did you know that before you print anything, you can preview these batched items and save your favorite preview settings for viewing documents in the future?

To preview your document from the Batch Processor, you can simply double-click the document in the list. You don’t have select the document in the list and then click the Preview button. Just double-click it!

Once you’re in the Print Preview screen, click Options.

Listed in the Options menu are the following settings you can select and use for all future previews:

  • Save Defaults on Exit – When checked, this option will save all the preview settings you’ve made as the default and open with these settings the next time you preview a document.
  • View One Page – This option displays the selected document one page at a time.
  • View Two Pages – This option display the document two pages at a time.
  • Zoom – This option lets you specify how large the preview is displayed on your screen.

If your document preview consists of multiple pages, you can quickly jump to the first or last page of the document using a keyboard shortcut. Just press the SHIFT + End keys, to jump to the last page, and to return to the first page, press SHIFT Home.

Take some time to explore these options in the Print Preview window. Discover what works best for you, and then be sure and click Save Defaults on Exit to save your settings, but note that these preview settings are workstation-specific, and will only be saved for the computer on which they were selected.
For more information, read the various topics listed under Batch Processor Overview in the Easy Dental Help.