Not only can Easy Dental help you record perio probing measurements, but it can also help you document the patient’s periodontal condition. TheĀ Perio Clinical Notes window gives you a quick and easy template for creating perio exam notes.

Within the Perio Chart, click the Diagnostics button.

In the Perio Clinical Notes dialog box, under Notes, select a value from each drop-down option.

Select a Periodontal Case TypePatient StatusPerio Status, and add Miscellaneous Notes as needed.

After filling in these values, you can easily turn these answers into a clinical note, without having to spend any time typing or re-entering the information. Click Copy to Clipboard.

Then in the Patient Chart, open Clinical Notes. Paste in the exam information by pressing CTRL+V on the keyboard. All the information from the Perio Clinical Notes is added as a clinical note entry. Make any edits as needed, and click OK to save the note.

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