Updated 3/1/2021

If you’re using the Time Clock to track employee time in Easy Dental, chances are good that you or one of the other staff members have forgotten to punch in/out once or twice (or more). It happens.

It’s okay! Don’t let missing punches stress you out. You don’t have to manually calculate that person’s time for the pay period. It’s easy to add the missing punch in Easy Dental so that your time clock reports are accurate.

To add a punch to an employee’s clock in/out history:

  1. Right-click the Time Clock icon in the Windows taskbar and select Employee Clock In/Out.
  2. Select the employee who missed a punch, and click OK.
  3. Click the History tab.
  4. Click the Edit button, and select the In or Out column for the date that is missing information.
  5. Enter the missing time in the text field that appears, and then hit the Enter key on the keyboard.
  6. A note is added automatically whenever you make manual changes to the Time Clock history. This is shown by “Auto” in the Note column. To edit or supplement a note, click Auto, add your note, then hit the Enter key. When a user edits a note, the Note column then reads “User” instead of “Auto”.
  7. When you are finished editing the time clock, click the Save button adn then click Close to exit the Time Clock.

Bonus Tips:

  • If you’re using passwords, staff members won’t be able to edit their own clock in/out history unless you give them the “Time Clock, Edit Punches/Notes” password rights. If you want to limit who can edit time clock history, only give that right to the office manager or payroll specialist.
  • To delete a time, right-click the cell and select Delete Time.
  • The Save button is only active if changes have been made to an employee’s time.
  • Easy Dental appends a note for each change made on the edited date, including the user, date, and time the change was made. If needed, you can edit or supplement the note.

For more information, see Viewing Time Clock History and Clocking In and Out topics in the Easy Dental Help.