In the Schedule module, you have access to a group of lists that help you to keep a full schedule, including the ASAP List, the Clipboard List, and the Unscheduled List. You can access these lists from the Schedule module toolbar by clicking the Appt Lists button.

  • The ASAP List consists of scheduled appointments that have been flagged ASAP. You can use this list of patients to fill last minute-holes in your schedule.
  • The Clipboard List consists of patients whose appointments have been temporarily moved to the Clipboard.
  • The Unscheduled List consists of patients with broken appointments.

While viewing any of these lists, you can select an appointment and drag it to an open slot in the Schedule. Once you confirm the movement of the appointment, it no longer appears on the list.

By dragging and dropping appointments in this way, you won’t have to spend time recreating appointments because all the details from the Appointment Information dialog box (appointment reasons, providers, etc.) are kept intact and move with the appointment. Dragging and dropping from these lists also helps you to quickly clean up your lists and get patients back on the schedule.