In the newest version of Easy Dental, we’ve listened to feedback offered by customers just like you, and introduced small changes that will improve your workflow in big ways!

No matter where in the Easy Dental program you are working, use the keyboard shortcut Alt+S to begin a patient search in the Patient Banner. Then begin typing any part of the patient’s name, email address, date of birth, or chart number, and the search results will adjust to find the best matches as you type.

Plus, you can customize those results to include the patient’s email address, date of birth, and/or a chart number. Just click the setup gear icon the right of the search bar, and select the options that this computer should display. Each computer can select different display options, so other team members working on their computers can pick the options that will benefit them the most.

When you are working in the Accounts or Treatment Plans window, you can click Enter Procedure to add treatment plan or completed procedure codes to the patient’s record. Now it is easier to navigate this window without needing to touch the mouse! Enter the code, then press Tab to move the cursor to other fields (such as tooth number or surface information. After you have filled in all necessary details about the code, press Shift+Enter to add the procedure to the procedure list. Your insertion point will move back to the procedure code box, where you can enter another code and press Tab again to enter additional details about the code. Once again, press Shift+Enter to add the procedure to the procedure list. Repeat this process for all procedures, and when the procedure list is complete, click OK/Post.

For more information on these and other Easy Dental 12.2.5 features, watch our New Features Video.