Has something like this ever happened to you? The doctor has a meeting this afternoon and wants a report that tells him these three things:

  1. How many restorative procedures were completed last year?
  2. What was the total production amount from completed restorative procedures last year?
  3. How did the number of restorative procedures compare to completed preventive or diagnostic procedures last year?

Where would you even go to look for these numbers? The answers are all in the Practice Analysis Report…if you know how to look for them.

To generate the Practice Analysis Report, from the Reports module, click the Practice Analysis button. Then on the Practice Analysis screen, click the Reports option.

To answer the doctor’s questions, run the Practice Analysis Production Summary Report with a date range of January 1 through December 31 of last year, and include the by Category option. Then print (or batch) the report.

To answer question 1, look at the Quantity number under Restorative on the report.

To answer question 2, look at the Total number under Restorative on the report.

And finally, to answer question 3, compare the Quantity number of the different procedure code categories you are concerned about.