Did you know you can use the Patient Report (By Filters) letter to generate custom lists? With dozens of filtering criteria, you can use this report to generate lists of patients who fit the criteria you set. 

For example, if you wanted to create a list of patients who came in for a new patient exam (procedure code D0150) in the last six months but have not returned for a follow-up visit, you can do so using this report. 

Here’s how:

  1. From Reports, click Letters > Misc.
  2. Select Patient Reports (by Filters) and then click Edit. This will open the Patient Report View dialog box, where you can select the search criteria for filtering your list.
  3. First set a range of procedures to include.
  4. In the list of filters, click the search button next to Procedures. Under Search For, select Completed. Under Select Procedure Codes, enter D0150 in both the Beginning and Ending fields. Under Select Procedure Date, enter a Beginning date of six months ago and an Ending date of today, and then click OK.
  5. Then, in the list of filters, click the search button next to Last Visit Date and enter a Beginning Date of six months ago and and Ending Date of today, and click OK.
  6. When you’ve finished setting your filters, click the Data Fields tab.
  7. Under Data Fields, select the information that you want to see on the report.
  8. When you have finished selecting the filters and data fields, click OK.
  9. Click Create/Merge.
  10. Select Create Data File ONLY, and Open Data File in Microsoft Excel.
  11. Click OK to see a list of patients that match your criteria.

The possibilities for creating custom lists and reports based on information in your Easy Dental database are endless when you understand how to customize and use the filters within the Patient Report (By Filters).