The Insurance Claim Aging Report shows you which of your insurance claims are outstanding. By default, the report answers the “who” (the insurance carriers and patients), the “what” (the estimated costs), and the “when” (service dates and aged balances) questions you have about the claim. And if you set it up right, the report can also answer the “why” through insurance claim status notes. 

When you set up the report, select the option to Print Status Notes on the report. When you do that, any information you entered as a status note on the claim will also print on the report so you can see details about why the claim is still outstanding. 

How To:

  1. From the Reports module, select Account Reports > Insurance Aging Report.
  2. Set the filters for the report as needed.
  3. Select Print Status Notes.
  4. Click OK to generate the report.

When the report prints, you will have a line item underneath the individual claim that lists the claim status notes. 

Additional Tip

  • Selecting to print the status notes is only useful if you and your staff are consistently entering claim status notes as information is available.