To make scheduling appointments easier, you should ensure that each provider’s work schedule is accurately set up in Easy Dental to reflect their availability.

In the Schedule, click Setup > Provider Setup. Select the provider whose schedule you want to make changes to, and click Setup.

Select each of the weekdays the provider will be in the office seeing patients. Use the search button >> next to each day you selected to set a  Start Time and End Time for the workday. Click OK to save your changes, and repeat as needed for each weekday the provider will be scheduled. This will be the overall “normal” schedule for the provider.

If there are particular dates where a provider will have adjusted hours (for example a provider that works half-days every other Friday), once you have set their normal weekly schedule, you can modify individual dates by clicking Setup > Provider Setup, selecting the provider, and clicking Schedule.

Double-click the date on the calendar that will have hours differing from the normal schedule and customize the Start Time and End Time as needed for that particular date, and click OK.

If a provider is taking a vacation day, click Schedule, select a specific date on the calendar, and from the Options menu, select Set Vacation on selected date.