Avoid the costs and frustrations of purchasing and supporting your own networking hardware.

Your dental office technology is the backbone of your practice because it houses and safeguards critical data like financial records and patient health information. So when changes to your network operating system—the backbone of the office technology—are announced, it is important that every practice pay attention.

Microsoft recently discontinued support for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008, if you haven’t upgraded, now’s the time.  The advice from TechCentral is simple: Don’t wait to upgrade because you will put your practice at risk.

What should you know about 2020 Windows OS updates?

As of January 14, 2020, Microsoft no longer supports Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008. Microsoft is warning users that as cyber-attacks become more sophisticated and frequent, running apps and data on unsupported systems can create significant security and compliance risks.

Why act now?

Now that Microsoft’s support has ended, the old operating systems become more vulnerable to security risks such as a cyber-security attack. Also, if your practice continues to run an unsupported OS, new software applications and hardware devices may not be compatible.

Many IT experts recommend updating your hardware when migrating from old, unsupported operating systems to a new platform because the existing hardware is also typically outdated and increasingly subject to failure. However, for many busy dental practices, IT infrastructure is the last thing on their minds.

As a dentist, this is a lot of information to keep track of, and adds the challenge of trying to guess how much budget it will take to replace each piece of your hardware every few years. Fortunately, there’s an easier, cost-effective alternative in hardware-as-a-service (HWaaS).

When you partner with a HWaaS provider, you avoid the costs and frustrations of purchasing and supporting your own networking hardware, therefore breaking the cycle of technology refreshes. You simply pay a monthly fee for this trusted IT provider to install, maintain, and monitor your dental office network. But not all IT partners are created equal…

Why should you partner with an IT provider in focused on dentistry instead of a local IT provider?

When given the option between the local IT provider, who doesn’t know the dental industry, or a trusted dental IT organization like TechCentral, with proven solutions designed specifically for dentists, who would you choose? In a side-by-side comparison of experience, the choice should be a no-brainer.

TechCentral has leveraged their experience to build OmniCore, an all-in-one network solution that provides all essential hardware and services handpicked for dental practices. In addition to removing the burden of choosing the right hardware, OmniCore relieves dentists’ IT financial burden because all support, product management, equipment upgrades, and even the replacement of failed hardware is included in one easy-to-budget monthly amount.

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TechCentral offers a free technology assessment can help your practice identify vulnerabilities so you can get the IT solutions that are right for your current and future needs.

Find out more about OmniCore and schedule your network IT assessment today by visiting our website.