Because the family situations of your patients are varied, there will be times when a patient in your practice is covered through an insurance subscriber who is not a patient. This can happen in cases of divorce or when an adult child is still covered by their parent’s insurance. In situations like this, even though the subscriber isn’t a patient, you need to add them to Easy Dental so that you can assign their insurance coverage to your patient.

How To

  1. In the Patients module, select the patient who will have insurance coverage through a non-patient subscriber, and click the Add New Family Member button.
  2. Enter the insurance subscriber’s name, set their Status to Non-Patient, enter a birth date and other information, including address and phone number if they are different from the other members of the family, and click OK.
  3. Double-click the non-patient’s name in the family list to select them and then double-click the Insurance block.
  4. Use the Carrier search button to select an insurance plan for the subscriber and click OK.
  5. Enter the Subscriber ID and other insurance information and click OK to return to the Patients module.
  6. From the family list, double-click the name of the patient to be covered by the non-patient’s insurance, and then double-click the Insurance block.
  7. Click the Subscriber search button and select the name of the non-patient subscriber and click OK.
  8. Select an option under Relation to Subscriber and click OK to return to the Patients module.
  9. Repeat steps 6-8 as needed for other family members.

Additional Information

  • The insurance subscriber must be a member of the same family in Easy Dental as the covered patient.
  • The non-patient subscriber can have a different address from the rest of the family in Easy Dental, as may be the case with divorced or unmarried parents who are insurance subscribers for their children that do not live with them full time.
  • Non-patients don’t show up on reports and will only receive correspondence if they’ve been designated as the head of household.
  • To learn more, read Adding Family Members and Assigning Insurance to Non-Subscribers in Easy Dental Help.