The Route Slip provides comprehensive patient, account, and treatment information for each scheduled patient. A route slip can also be a useful tool for the clinical team to refer to when the patient is being treated in the operatory. Staff members can easily see what the patient is coming in for, and if there is any outstanding treatment that you may be able to add to today’s appointment. The route slip can also provide a good place for the assistant and hygienist to make quick notes which they can refer to when writing their clinical notes.

If your office is interested in using Route Slips for interoffice communication, you’ll want to save time by printing the slips for the entire day at one time.
In the Reports module, select Schedule Reports > Daily Appointment List.

Select a range for the Primary Provider, Appointment Provider, Operatory, and Appointment Date fields that you want the route slips to include. In the Select Report Types box, check Patient Route Slips. Click OK to send the route slip to the Batch Processor.