If you’ve been using Easy Dental for some time, you probably have amassed some “customized” explosion codes. Some may have been useful once upon a time but are not today. Chances are that you have some custom codes that you no longer use, and don’t want your office to continue using.

With Easy Dental, you can delete the old codes and clear them out, which means 1) you won’t have to look through as many codes to find the ones you really need, and 2) you’ll prevent your office from using incorrect or outdated codes when scheduling treatment.

Here’s how:

  1. In the Patients module, click the Settings button, and then click Practice Setup > Explosion Code Setup.
  2. Select the code that you want to delete, and click Delete.
  3. To complete the deletion, review the warning message and click Yes.
  4. Click Close to exit the Explosion Code List.

Additional Information

  • You can find a list of all explosion codes whenever you select procedure codes as they appear in the explosion codes procedure category.
  • Editing, deleting (or defining) an explosion code will not affect any procedures that have been previously posted for a patient; however, it will affect any appointment for which the explosion code is currently scheduled.
  • When an explosion code is deleted, it no longer appears in the Explosion Code List, the Procedure Code List in the Procedure Codes dialog box (in the Schedule module), or in the Explosion Codes List in the Enter Procedure(s) dialog box (in the Accounts module).
  • For more information about deleting explosion codes, read Deleting Explosion Codes in Easy Dental Help.

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