Your patient, Claire Linn, questions why she has a balance. Her checkbook shows that she wrote your office check #4140 for $57.00, and her bank shows it was deposited in late November 2019.

Glancing through her account, you deduce that such a payment was not posted. Was it posted to the wrong account? Was it posted at all? At times such as these, you must don your detective cap and channel your inner Sherlock Holmes!

Luckily for you, the Search Payments Utility can be one of the tools you use! It will explore throughout Easy Dental using as much or as little information as you know about the payment, and return a list of matching payments. There is no need for you to comb through day sheet reports or manually examine individual patient accounts.

Here’s How

  1. From Accounts, click the Search Payments button.
  2. Enter the search criteria that you do have, and click Search. Payments matching the criteria will be listed.
  3. Double-click any payment in the list to open that patient’s account.

In our example above, you can see that the check was entered to the account of another patient with a similar last name. Now you have the information you need to set things right!

Additional Tips

  • You can combine several search criteria (for example: check number + date, or payment type + amount, etc.) for more precise search results.
  • In the search fields, click any column header to sort the results by that column.

For more information, read the Searching for Payments topic in Easy Dental Help.