You create and complete patient appointments hundreds of times each day. If your practice has been using Easy Dental for several years, you have accumulated a large amount of data in the Schedule. This may cause slow-down and clutter in the database. For example, when you use the Find Appointment feature, you’ll see years of old appointments in the search results. Have you ever considered eliminating these old, past-due appointments?

Easy Dental allows you to do just that using the Appointment Purge option. If you choose to purge old appointments from Easy Dental, we recommend that you keep at least the previous year’s appointments and purge the rest. Then, after you have purged the old appointments, you will be able to search for patient appointments faster because you will have cleared out the old data that was cluttering up your search results.

Easy Dental allows you to purge appointments as part of the Month End process. (Of course, it is highly recommended that you backup your database before you do this!)

To purge appointments:

  1. In the Accounts screen, select Month End, then Update.
  2. Under Options, select Appointment Purge.
  3. Enter a date in the Cutoff Date field, and appointments scheduled before this date will be purged from Easy Dental.

Additional Tips

  • Easy Dental automatically creates an entry for each purged appointment in the patient’s Contacts.
  • Purging appointments does not purge unscheduled appointments. If you want to purge unscheduled appointments, open the Unscheduled List and select the Purge Appointments button from within that window.