When you see a new patient, you probably spend a few minutes entering their ‘Existing’ treatment into the chart. After that, as the doctor conducts the exam, you’ll likely spend a minute or two entering treatment plan procedures.

Did you know that you can reduce the number of mouse clicks it takes to chart treatment by using the Auto-State button? No more clicking a tooth, clicking a status button, clicking another tooth, clicking the same status button again–over and over and over again! Auto-State acts like the Caps Lock button on your keyboard, allowing you to chart treatment with the same status without having to individually select a status for each procedure entered.

Select the Auto-State button (it is a tall button with a “plus” sign, located left of the three status buttons). After you click Auto-State, notice that the Treatment Plan button is now ‘held down’. Any procedures you post after that will immediately post to the patient chart with the Treatment Plan status. Click a different status, such as Existing or Completed, and Auto-State will now ‘hold-down’ that selection, causing all treatment to post with the same status.

Click the Auto-State button again, and the statuses are released. Posting goes back to normal (where you have to choose the status for each procedure).