When a patient needs a series of related appointments, like a crown prep followed by a crown seat, use the Schedule Next feature to speed up the appointment-making process. For instance, this feature is particularly helpful if you’ve created a patient’s treatment plan that involves a series of appointments to complete the plan. Or, use it to schedule a patient for a series of fillings on opposite sides of the mouth, scaling and root planing, orthodontic checkups, extractions, etc. The possibilities are endless.

Here’s how:

  1. In the Schedule, double-click a time when you want to schedule the first appointment.
  2. In the Appointment Information window, enter the appointment information as you normally would.
  3. Click the Schd. Next button. Easy Dental adds the first appointment to the Schedule, and a new, blank Appointment Information window appears.
    The Schedule Next button in the Appointment Information window.
  4. Enter the information for the next appointment (including a date and time) and click the Schd. Next button. The Schedule moves to the new date, and adds the appointment.
  5. Repeat as needed for additional appointments. When all appointments have been created and scheduled, click OK.

Bonus Tip

If the patient is unsure of their schedule, and can’t commit to their next appointment, place it on the Clipboard. To do so, enter the next appointment’s information and click the Clipboard button instead of the Schd. Next button. Later, drag and drop the appointment to a convenient date and time. (Note that clicking the Clipboard button closes the Appointment Information window, and you’ll need to reopen it to create more schedule next appointments.)

For additional information, read Scheduling Next Appointments in Easy Dental Help.