The Collections Manager assists in your collections efforts by enabling you to quickly access and then act upon account information. You set the criteria for the accounts you want to find and the Collections Manager displays a list of those accounts.

For example, you can use the Collections Manager to follow up with patients on a payment plan who are behind on their payments. Generate a list of patients on the payment plan billing type who have missed more than one payment, have a minimum account balance of $10, and are over 30 days past due.

To find patients who have missed a payment:

  1. From the Reports module, click the Collections Manager button (or use Alt + C on your keyboard).
  2. In the Collections Manager View dialog box, select a range of patients to include in your search, or leave the From and To fields set to <ALL> to include all patients.
  3. Select the billing type(s), number of missed payments, and minimum balance to include.
  4. Click OK to generate a list of patients that match your criteria.

Additional Information

  • The Collections Manager is an interactive list that links to many other areas in Easy Dental. Click a patient name on the list and you can make a phone call, create an email message, merge a collections letter, add an account note, set up a payment plan, or change a patient’s billing type.
  • Click the Show Columns button when creating a view to customize the information that appears on the list, and the order in which it appears.