A frequent question asked of our support team is, “Is there a report we can run that tells us which insurance pre-authorizations haven’t been received yet?” The answer is YES! It’s called the Pre-Treatment Estimate Aging Report, and you can generate it from the Reports module.

To generate this report:

  1. From the Reports module, click the Accounts Receivable button and select Pre-Treatment Estimate Aging Report.
  2. Enter a Report Date, if needed. (The current date is the default.)
  3. Select a range of patients, providers, and/or insurance carriers to include on the report.
  4. To include only pre-treatment estimates for a specific period of time, select an option in the Minimum Days Past Due group box. (To include all claims, select Over 0.)
  5. Click OK to send the report to the Batch Processor.

The printed report contains the following information:

A. Insurance Carrier – Insurance carrier’s name and phone number.
B. Estimates The pre-treatment estimates submitted to the carrier.
C. Aging Totals The aged balanced or pre-treatment estimates included in the report.

For additional information, read Creating Pre-Treatment Estimate Aging Report in Easy Dental Help.