The famous radio personality Earl Nightingale coined the phrase, “People with goals succeed because they know where they are going.” Within a dental practice, there can be many different types of goals set for the team. One of the most common is production goals. Production goals are more than just a number—they can be a source of growth in many areas of the practice. Production goals can incite:

  • Teamwork
  • Friendly competition
  • Practice growth
  • And, most importantly, elevated patient care

You can easily track production in Easy Dental by viewing the scheduled production inside the Schedule module. Scheduled production is defined as the cumulative amount of all procedure fees attached to appointments. View scheduled production within Easy Dental using the following steps:

  1. Access the appointment schedule.
  2. Open the month calendar view.
  3. See the daily production ($) and month total ($$).

The More You Know…

  • Scheduled production amounts follow the schedule view setup (providers, operatories). Setting a view with a single provider selected will give you production for only that provider.
  • Scheduled production is only the production included within your appointments and does not include any treatment that is set complete from the account or chart screens.
  • Production goals can be entered and tracked within the Practice Analysis screen.

David Broom is Senior Director of Product and Business Development. David has a master’s degree in Information Technology (IT) from the University of Texas in Dallas and has more than 35 years of experience from many global companies such as Hitachi Vantara, Methode Electronics, and Keane, Inc. In his current role, he is responsible for all aspects of the product management and field service teams at Henry Schein TechCentral, which identifies the ideal advanced technologies to meet the unique needs of the dental market and ensure that dental offices are using the right IT to be more efficient and effective.