Isn’t it true that hours, days, weeks and months seem to pass by faster and faster each year? For most of us, we keep our schedule so busy that we often overlook very simple, yet important, tasks that need to be accomplished. In order to accomplish these tasks, it is critical that we have a quick and easy reminder system.

Your Recall database/module/list is an ideal example of such a reminder system. Recall is designed to provide you with the date a patient is due for a routine procedure. Having instant access to your patient’s eligibility for prophylaxis or periodontal maintenance, as well as the ability to quickly determine whether the patient is due for bitewings or full mouth radiographs, will greatly impact your day-to-day practice flow, not to mention your daily production. Follow the steps listed below for a quick and easy view of your patient’s recall due dates.

How To

  1. Double-click on the patient appointment to open the Appointment Information dialogue box.
  2. Click the double arrows next to Recall Attached.
  3. The Patient Pending Recall window will display, listing the scheduled patient’s recalls and all corresponding due dates.

Additional Tips

  • The date displayed next to the recall type is the due date for that procedure. This is not the last time the patient received this service.