Whether you are actively using paper charts or you presently run a chartless dental practice, custom procedure buttons give your clinical team the opportunity to quickly and effectively chart procedures for your patients. As your team learns the process of charting procedures, it is important that they have all resources available to guide them to accurate data entry. One such resource is the tooltip.

Throughout Easy Dental, when you hover your mouse over a picture icon (or button), a tooltip appears. This tooltip is a small box that will give you a hint of what function that button performs. You can edit the tooltips for your procedure buttons to better describe the code attached to the button.

How To

  1. Open the Set Up Procedure Button dialogue window.
  2. Click on the picture/button to select the Procedure Button you wish to modify.
  3. To customize the tooltip, select Use Custom Text.
  4. Type in the text you want to display in the tooltip.

Additional Tips

  • You can organize and rearrange procedure buttons to fit your practice needs.
  • Easy Dental limits the number of buttons to 24. It is important to know that you only need one procedure button for each type of procedure. For example, you only need one composite procedure button, one amalgam button and one root canal button. Easy Dental is programmed to recognize the tooth selected and number of services entered to select the appropriate code for you.
  • The pictures available for the buttons are not customizable. You will choose from the available pictures within the software.
  • You can also link procedure buttons to conditions, or even dental diagnostic codes.