In today’s dental economy, many offices are looking for more streamlined processes and efficiency. Every day I am approached by offices looking to implement “seamless” operating protocols within their practice. Doctors and managers look to create systems that are both easy and intuitive because they see the benefit to their dental teams. After all, Albert Einstein once said that “the only real valuable thing is intuition.”

To better acquire intuitive processes, Easy Dental allows for customization in many different areas of the software. An area that is popular for customization is the Chart module. The Chart module contains several features that allow customization. One such feature is the procedure button panel located within the Chart module.

Your procedure button panel is an 8×3 block of buttons – 24 buttons! The function of this button panel is to allow for quick and easy procedure posting. Just imagine having your top 24 procedures organized in a way that makes intuitive sense to you.

The process to customize the procedure buttons involves opening the patient chart screen. Locate the icon that resembles dental tools.

Once you have selected the Set Up Procedure Button, you are able to review and customize the Assigned Codes on the right.