Fifteen short years ago, I stumbled into a career in dentistry. Finding dentistry was pure luck, fate, destiny, chance—or maybe the stars were aligned in just the right formation at that time in my life. No matter what label I attach to this event, all I can say is that once I was in dentistry, I was hooked.

Dentistry fascinated and challenged me in ways I never imagined. Without any formal dental training, I was gifted an entry-level position. I worked hard every day to soak up every nugget of knowledge that was handed to me. A few years later, I was working in dental practice management. Needless to say, I was receiving a large amount of education during this phase of my life. I was learning the operations of a dental practice and looking for every avenue of information to satisfy my thirst for knowledge.

So you might wonder what I have learned in 15 years? The biggest and most important lessons that dentistry (and life, for that matter) has shown me is to expect the unexpected and grow with the change. Albert Einstein phrased this best when he said, “The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking; it cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”

I am a firm believer that sound thinking—and protocols—are required for any operation to be successful and I would like to encourage you to challenge yourself to grow with the changes that Easy Dental will bring to your practice.

Training dental offices to use the Easy Dental software has become a passion of mine. My years of training offices has allowed me to develop a style that brings a focus on efficiency with an emphasis on boosting production.

Each week, my blog will present information that can be valuable to your practice. Topics will include ways you can improve your processes and your job satisfaction in areas such as streamlining insurance claims, going paperless, implementing eServices into a growing practice, and much more!

Together we will learn more. Whether you are new to Easy Dental or a seasoned Easy Dental user, my goal is to show you new and exciting tools to help you improve your daily processes and enhance your experience with Easy Dental. Please comment, interact and explore new ideas as we provide topics to grow your dental practice. I look forward to working with you and hearing your thoughts!

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